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Newsletter Editions!

August 2023; Coming Soon! 🫢

July 2023; Feedback Surveys preview, Student-Only Tickets advice, and native Freshers Events!

June 2023; MasterPass, Event Image tips, and native Welcome Week offerings.

May 2023; Apple & Google Integrations, Event Pre-Registrations, and native's world class Customer Support.

April 2023; Payment Plans preview, Tracking Links, and the new Event Listing flow.

March 2023; Pick 'n' Mix Wristbands, Full-Page Widgets, and a sneak peek at Rep Schemes.

February 2023; Finance Updates, Ticket Transfers, and the new Dashboard.

January 2023; On-Demand Video, Custom Categories, and the new Design System/UI.

December 2022; Recurring Events, Promo Codes, and our UnionCloud Integration.